10 Rare Salvador Dali Illustrations of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet




In 1975, world-renowned Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali created a rare set of illustrations for Shakespeare’s famous play, Romeo and Juliet. The series consisted of 10 off-set lithographs on heavy paper with 99 pages of bound text contained in a red/burgundy silk slipcase with the lithographs signed in the plate. Also included was an additional set of 10 off-set lithographs contained in a separate slip case with titled wrappers that are signed by Dali.

Each photolith is preceded by a sheet wrapper with the title of the section of the play represented printed in it.

A total of 999 numbered books were printed and published in 1975 by Rizzoli and Rizzoli. Number 819 of 999 is available for sale by the Lockport Street Gallery in Plainfield, Illinois and can be seen in the images below. There are only 35 versions of the book that contain the extra set of…

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