Note: February the 13th, 2014.


Dear readers:

Noticed I’ve been missing lately? Me too, my friend, me too, and here’s why I’ve been missing for so long: due to a “severe winter ice-storm” that struck Oregon, my power has been out. For six days. Oh god…the things I’ve…done…the-the…the things I’ve…I’ve…seen…and, as you can tell by this tired old shtick, dear readers, it has been hell on my fragile little nerves. Want to know the best part? My power still isn’t on, and I’ve abandoned my apartment to the wolves. Instead of heading for the hills & living off the land for the next twenty years, I have done the sensible thing and rented a hotel room for the night — and, based on how the power situation is working out at my apartment, I might be here for a couple more nights.

Oh well. I’m calling this urban camping. In a heated hotel room. With wireless internet. And a hot tub. Within walking distance to a bar. Guinness. Music. It beats the hell out of huddling around a lamp in my dark, cold living room, struggling to write in my notebooks…

Cheers. Winter sucks. Somehow, I have survived…for now.



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