‘Mad Men’ Season 7, Episode 2: “A Day’s Work”

Mad Men: The Final Season


It may be an episode taking place mostly on or around Valentine’s Day, but forget about love, people of and related to Sterling Cooper & Partners: nobody’s in very good shape here. Don is waking up at noon, hungover and messy in a dark apartment, with only the TV for company. He’s besuited by eight p.m. when he gets his one visitor of the day: his (former, current) secretary, Dawn! She is reporting on the happenings in the office. He tries to give her money, awkwardly.

Over in Miss Porter’s School for rebellious teens who will grow up to be the establishment, we see our first glimpse of Sally. Her eyebrows are magnificent, her hair is blonder and she’s a tiny teenager with that low voice, discussing heading to the city with her friends for the funeral of their roommate’s mother.

Pete is in California having sex with Betty (oh…

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