“Industrial Pictures Are Not Art”: Alejandro Jodorowsky on New Film ‘The Dance of Reality’ & How Hollywood Is Killing Cinema



Bound by desert and ocean, the Chilean town of Tocopilla is an axis of gods and monsters. Known as “the devil’s corner,” the mining commune is divided by a power plant — a conduit for the strange electricity conjured from the dual-purpose landscape, widespread Roman Catholic mysticism, and a history of violence and neglect. This is the birthplace of Alejandro Jodorowsky.

The octogenarian director returned to Tocopilla for the first time in 78 years to film The Dance of Reality — his first feature in more than two decades. “The town never changes, because it’s forgotten by time. The same cinema, the same everything. Only my house was a veil. We reconstructed my house for the picture,” he told me by phone from New York, where he was preparing to screen Dance of Reality at MoMA in March. “If you know The Dance of Reality, you will better understand…

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