Will Kanye West’s New Album Conclude the Heaven-Hell Trilogy ‘MBDTF’ & ‘Yeezus’ Started?

Kanye...space rock?


Today was a typical Monday morning in Kanye West news: he was exalted and crucified in the same breath, for his performances at London’s Wireless Festival over the weekend. Exalted because, musically, Friday and Saturday’s performances were the explosive, mind-blowing sort for which he’s known. He had performed as the scheduled headliner Friday night, then took the stage again Saturday to fill in for Drake, who was sick. Adorably, Kanye played three Drake songs — “Trophies,” “We Made It,” and “All Me” — as a tribute. Crucifixion came via the media lamenting Friday’s “20-minute rant,” which earned some boos and the departure of some audience members despite it being little more than Kanye’s take on a motivational speech dressed up as the Sermon on the Mount.

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