‘Masters of Sex’ Season 2 (Premiere): “Parallax”



As their study blew up in their faces at the end of season one, Bill showed up on Virginia’s doorstep to dismantle their lives a little more. “I finally realized there’s one thing I can’t live without,” he told her. “You.” In the season two premiere, Bill is having his cake and eating it too, while the women around him make sacrifices for his happiness. With Bill out of work for much of the episode, Masters of Sex edges more towards Mad Men territory: it’s as much a time capsule of an era — full of what the time’s socially-accepted misogyny, racism, and homophobia — is it is a workplace drama dealing in debauchery. The former could land Masters of Sex in the modern TV canon eventually — that is, if Bill Masters wasn’t less relatable than Don Draper.

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