“The New American Century.”

reposting this poem because, honestly, I’ve been thinking a lot about it lately…



Life’s great joy is harmony through symmetry,
elastic epiphanies in every brain, every doorway.
Somehow, we’ll stay warm & have plenty,
even while life will drag us down
and find a way to keep our stomachs empty.
But we’ll hold on for a New American Century,
smile wide and come chill with me,
all we could ask for is this daydream nation,
and that’s we get, from station to station,
believe in fairy tales in place of our liberty;
we’re not that free, just sums of accessories,
because we’ve got bombs in the tunnels
and tick-tick-ticking in our hearts,
we ask for light and yet all we get are sparks.

But, there is one thing we do know:
This little dream is ours, & it is ours to save,
in the Land of The Somewhat Free,
Home of The Sunny Day Brave.

— Jackson Williams.


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