‘Masters of Sex’ Season 2, Episode 5: “Giants”



In its second season, Masters of Sex has shoe-horned in issues of morality previously unconsidered. This week’s episode, “Giants,” tackles a few more in big ways, with a little help from guest star Sarah Silverman: Is it OK for a woman to hide her lesbian past from her husband? Are threats acceptable if fully warranted? Is using someone as leverage wrong if it benefits an admirable cause?

These questions and their answers prove to be more interesting than the same old moral dilemma Masters of Sex revisits each week: Is an affair acceptable if it’s for research purposes? By now we know that what is going on between Virginia and Bill is in fact an affair, and it’s not just for research. Those with lingering doubts saw this confirmed when Virginia, upon being hired back onto the study full-time, carefully asks Dr. Masters: Is my personal participation in the study…

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