interlude (meditations): An Electric Summer

And so at last we come to the end of it, this electric summer that dripped slowly past…


I’m sitting right here in my front yard now, as I have for many summers and in many different locations, and I’m watching the sun drift towards noon, the sky electric and vibrant and a blue that could only be summoned by a happy childhood, expansive, unique, the clouds are cotton candy and you could sleep for centuries under their happy, watchful, floating gaze…you’ve known them your whole life, you know, and they clip through the electricity of noon as they always have: silent, buzzing with joy but quiet from everything they know, you’ve known them your whole life, and they match this summer as they have matched every summer into oblivion, now just great cotton titans heralding our Tomorrowland, a summer in our hearts and minds that is as expansive as the clouds overhead, electric, joyful, the here & now just a brief pause before the coming of the days of endless blue skies…and, on those days of blue and green and gold, I will be as I am now, sitting in the yard, reading, typing, thinking (not necessarily in that order, take note), taking stock of where I started three months ago and where I end up now: peaceful, moderately happy, enjoying that freshly-cut grass smell that’s so beloved by writers, poets, and fans of baseball (of which I count myself amongst all three of these clubs, as I’m sure a lot of my readers do as well…), stopping my progress on whatever I’m doing to watch the airplanes that occasionally fly past, or listen to the sounds of skateboards on concrete, or music from the endless windows of the suburbia I live in, or the sound of the small wind making the small trees and the small grass make small movements, curling and solemn and stretching on and on like this suburbia, or the endless electric summer I spoke so poetically of a few hundred words ago…

And so at last we come to the end of it, this electric summer that dripped slowly past…


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