‘Masters of Sex’ Season 2, Episode 7: “Asterion”



In 1970, the real-life Masters and Johnson were on the cover of TIME Magazine. Last week’s episode of Masters of Sex took place in 1958. If you’ve ever seen a photo of Dr. William Masters, you already know that a certain amount of fictionalization has gone into Masters of Sex. With all due respect, Michael Sheen he is not. Recognizing they must loosely stick to historical accuracy while still creating entertainment, the showrunners have come with a clever way to speed up time on Masters of Sex.

This week’s episode ends in 1961. It’s disorienting at first, since roughly half of the episode takes place in 1958, just five months after Johnson is fired from his post at Buell Green. But something shifts: the work gets done and the drama gets pushed aside. Three years of Bill and Virginia funneling their sexual tension into arguments over study participants…

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