‘Masters of Sex’ Season 2, Episode 8: “Mirror, Mirror”



At what point do we call Masters of Sex a runaway train? With only four episodes left in season two, the Showtime drama just keeps introducing new subplots and characters, making me seriously wonder: how can this wrap up into something cohesive? Or is that not a concern here? Whatever the intention is, it’s hard to follow two of the best Masters of Sex episodes ever in recent weeks — “Fight” and “Asterion,” the first a slow-burning character study of Bill and Virginia, and the second a wildly-paced overview of several years in these characters’ lives — with “Mirror, Mirror,” an episode that introduces new ideas without resolving any of the ongoing problems. (The new character problem here feels similar to what Nashville went through last season. A big ensemble cast of leads and kooky sidemen is hard to pull off in just a couple of seasons; it took Mad…

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