‘Masters of Sex’ Season 2, Episode 10: “Below the Belt”



This week, Masters of Sex races recklessly towards the end of its second season with a slew of deep-seeded issues that will not resolve themselves in the next two episodes. (Then again, I guess anything’s possible if they can solve Bill’s impotence in three episodes.) “Below the Belt” tees up sexual chemistry among four different couples, half of which no one saw coming (Lester and Barb, Dr. Langham and his Cal-o-Metric boss Flo) and the other two taking shape in new ways (Libby and Robert, Masters and Johnson). Bill brings in a PR man and pushes out his brother once and for all, bonding with his mother and Virginia in the process. Libby uses Virginia to deceive Bill in order to canvass with CORE. The entire episode feels on brink of something: Bill leaving Libby for Virginia, Libby leaving Bill for Robert, and the study making national TV news. Can’t wait for those…

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