‘Masters of Sex’ Season 2, Episode 11: “One for the Money, Two for the Show”



Was last night’s Masters of Sex nothing more than a set-up for next week’s season finale? I sure hope there’s a strategy behind “One for the Money, Two for the Show,” because it was a struggle to pay attention until the episode’s final five minutes. This exercise in frustration reiterated a few points in the process: Bill is bad — really bad — with people! Libby is sick of being ignored by her husband! Virginia works a lot! The only difference this time around is that the characters finally acknowledge what they know to be true, and even start to make changes. The pacing is off, but there are the makings of a tense finale episode here.

The majority of the episode takes place in the clinic, where CBS News crews have started filming a segment on Bill and Virginia. A man lacking any flexibility, Bill is deeply unnerved by the…

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