Some Mysteries, Passions, and Hauntings to Obsess Over If You Like ‘Serial’:

all the presidents men


It’s easy to be obsessed with Sarah Koenig’s podcast Serial. It’s the addictive true crime story that delves into the murder of a young woman in 1999 and her boyfriend who claims innocence, even though he was convicted. Where the obsession comes through is that Koenig — and by virtue of listening, you — is exploring the case in what feels like real-time, coming up with motives, reasonable doubt, and possible alternate histories of why Adnan Syed may be innocent. The case is being appealed in January.

But sometimes Serial takes a week off (like Thanksgiving), and even though a season two is assured — and it’s a mystery as to what it may be — this tsunami of buzz is going through the various stages, bending around to “overrated.” There’s a mystery to how it will end, but will you be happy with it, whether Adnan is exonerated…

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