Bacardi Triangle: A Supposedly Fun Thing That, Let’s Be Honest, I Probably Would Do Again (If It Was Free)



One of the first things you learn when you work in the corporate world is that money for corporations is completely different from money for you and me. An expenditure that seems insane at an individual level somehow makes perfect sense when it’s couched in the language of budgets and “investments,” and sums of money with eye-catching numbers of zeros are pocket change when it comes to drawing up your average global conglomerate’s annual report.

All of which goes some way, perhaps, toward explaining why I’m sitting in a hotel in Newark at 6 AM, waiting for a flight to Puerto Rico. This weekend, alcohol mega-brand and Batista-era throwback Bacardí is flying precisely 1,862 people to San Juan for an event that goes by the name of Bacardí Triangle, which is basically a four-day shindig with a musical wing headlined by Kendrick Lamar, Calvin Harris, and Ellie Goulding. Unfeasibly, I have…

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