23 Signs You’re In A Relationship With Wine:

Thought Catalog

Scandal Scandal

1. Yes, you’re well aware that wine bottles aren’t technically people. But you don’t care. Wine loved you back when your ex-boyfriend wouldn’t. So as far as you’re concerned, Sutterhome is the Jack to your Rose.

2.You’ve spent at least one hour of your life figuring out how you can get the wine glasses that Olivia Pope uses.

3. When you willingly accidentally saw the final Twilight movie and watched Jacob imprint on Bella’s baby, you thought about the fact that if you were in his shoes, you would imprint on an oversized bottle of Barefoot.

4. You carry a bag of Franzia around at parties like it’s the hottest thing in the world and you can’t believe you’re lucky enough to have it on your arm.

5. Anytime one of your friends sees a funny wine contraption online, they text it to you or post it to your Facebook or…

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