Charlie Hebdo Editor Killed in Paris Attack Built Career on Defiance

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Among the dozen deaths in Wednesday’s terror attack on the Paris office of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo was its editor and principal cartoonist, Stéphane Charbonnier, who built his career on defiance and the right to insult religion.

Police say gunmen killed 10 journalists and two police officers, including one who had been stationed outside, before fleeing and prompting a manhunt. Though authorities have not yet identified the assailants, who are suspected of being extremists, Charlie Hebdo had received numerous threats over the years for its satirization of Islam, particularly the Prophet Muhammad. While the attack has been widely condemned, it has also reignited a discussion about CharlieHebdo‘s penchant for political incorrectness, especially under Charbonnier.

The editor, known as Charb, was in charge in 2011 when the newspaper ran a caricature of the Prophet on a cover and, in jest, named him the “editor-in-chief” of its next issue…

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