I am a Writer, and I am an American.

I believe in my own individuality and hold myself above all others, all except those who can not speak out & defend themselves. I believe in love, freedom, democracy, good books, good coffee, baseball, the legalization of marijuana, tacos, justice, art; I am against tyranny in all its forms, whether it be at home or abroad (a threat to justice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere). I believe that freedom is the most important thing in life, and in order to gain it and everything else in life, you have to fight like goddamn mad. I am obsessed with baseball, especially my favorite team: the New York Yankees; and, if I had to pick a second favorite team, I suppose I would pick the San Francisco Giants. I am a registered Democrat but politically I consider myself an independent, the reason being that I believe that it’s far too easy to see the unbelievable stupidity that both parties bring to the discussion, and if there’s one thing that Life teaches it’s that nothing is ever in black and white. I am an agnostic — I believe God exists, but I believe the major religions have it wrong, and because of that I will remain a good person, regardless of punishment or reward, because isn’t promising someone paradise if they agree to be “a good person” just glorified bribery? You should be that kind of person no matter what, regardless of what some book says. I hate nothing at all except hatred, as vicious and hateful as I can be sometimes. Respect to all mankind, except those who show no respect. I am a nerd — always and forever. I’m obsessed with music. My favorite band is The Beatles and my second favorite band is The Clash. I’ve seen far, far too many movies and I watch more television than I probably should. I am the crude synthesis of intellectual ambition and lovably mindless bullshit fostered by pop-culture. I can do a million impressions. I never shut the fuck up. Every romantic relationship I’ve ever had I’ve destroyed, and I am not lying when I say that the destruction was 90% my fault. The only thing I like more than writing is women. They’re my two main weaknesses. I am a patriot.

My Essence!

I will write until the day my heart stops mid-sentence, a word floating freely in the air around me as my face comes crashing down on a keyboard, those sweet words hanging true even as they watch my head drop in beautiful victory. Poetic, no? I am committed to improving not only my life but the lives of others through my writing. When I was younger, writing was the only thing that pulled me back from the edge — and because of this, I believe in the power of words to save lives and remind people that as dark as the present is, there’s always a future. I want my words to be read by people who need my words, and I hope I can do for them what my literary heroes did for me. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Oregon – go ducks – and I have no idea what to do with my life…I suppose there’s always becoming a panhandler but I don’t think I have the face for it (I try to look downtrodden & pathetic, but I always end up just looking creepy instead…it’s a gift!).


Name’s Jackson Williams. Feel free to follow me on Twitter: @YoshuaDavis

Nice to meet you.

– Jackson Williams.

44 thoughts on “Manifesto.

    1. Jackson Williams Post author

      Not a problem, sir. I remember reblogging some of your work/participating in the comment-debates while I was running my now-defunct old blog. It was good work, Malcolm, and I really dug the post.

      — JW.

  1. Katie Renee

    I’ll be back later to read through all this, but I’m going to call you a bastard for ghosting. Welcome back!

      1. Katie Renee

        … Oh God. If I disappear, that’ll be what happened. I’m hoping the person that turned you over doesn’t fancy a walk past my blog or I’d be so screwed.

  2. Khaula Nazir

    Yes, I surely have something to say…
    Awesome blog, beautiful about…. And I think you’re quite right about the paradise thing…

  3. Mancakes

    Ducks? Yankees? Registered D? Are you my long lost sibling? Not that I know that I have a long lost sibling but if I do it might be you…. 🙂

  4. dustandsoul

    America! Fuck, yeah! 😉

    Seriously, that was an impressive manifesto. I particularly agree with sorta-maybe-believing-in-God but hating all ‘organised’ religions, especially the Abrahamic ones and the noxious, hatred bullshit they spew. I’m a confused agnostic, but almost all of my friends are atheists.

    “I will write until the day my heart stops mid-sentence, a word floating freely in the air around me as my face comes crashing down on a keyboard, those sweet words hanging true even as they watch my head drop in beautiful victory. Poetic, no?”

    Poetic, YES.

    You sound awesome. We should be friends and shit. Thanks for the likes 🙂

    1. Jackson Williams Post author

      Fuck yeah, indeed. 😉

      And I’m glad you dug my manifesto, though I thought that the “poetic, no?” passage might come off as a tad bit — I don’t know, maybe it’s just me — pretentious. Glad to find out I was wrong.

      Hahaha and of course we can be friends (I was going to suggest it myself, but you beat me to the fucking punch)! You’re pretty AND talented, so how the hell could I refuse? 😉

      — J.W.

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  6. Lounge Talk Radio

    Awesomely written manifesto! Writing and women, great choices. 😉 About hating hatred…I used to tell my kids when they were growing up that hate was a bad word and not allowed in our house. lol See ya around! Toni

  7. The Dimwit Diary

    Hey, man. Sorry I’m super late to the party, but this is great stuff. I’m like 90% or more on board with everything you wrote in your about me section (kinda like the 90% your fault with women? Not sure where I’m going with any of this.) Anyway, cheers my friend. You are solid. I have some free time coming up and I look forward to reading more.

    – The Dimwit

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  9. Hamish Downie

    Thanks for following my blog 🙂 I am a sporadic blogger (in that I only blog when I’m not busy). I’m assuming you found me thanks to the “An American Piano” trailer… and I hope that this means that you liked it. I’m very proud of that film – after all it took over two years of my life to make.

    You seem like a very passionate writer, and I look forward to reading more of your blogs… but let me say one thing… paragraphs are your friend – use them liberally!

    Hamish 🙂

  10. sozsatire

    Thanks for the “like” JW. Having read your manifesto I feel a strange affinity with you. This is despite the fact that you are an American and I’m from London, England. It’s probably because I never shut the fuck up either 🙂

  11. nuwansenfilmsen

    Interesting, looks like a speech from the future president of the United states 😉
    I’m a free thinker myself, who was born into a Buddhist family.
    And I LOVE the Beatles. And I love to write. Love Movies.
    But am not into wine and women though, sorry that’s where our interests change.
    I’ve never had anyone in my life. A loner, partially by choice.
    And nor am I into the kind of false pride of brainwashed kind of fake patriotism that exists in a lot of countries, and especially more so where I currently reside.
    Nice Blog. Shall Keep visiting 🙂

  12. Kenneth Maffitt

    hey thanks for the reblog of my Shins piece.

    Enjoyed your manifesto and related to just about every word of it–except Yankees and Giants would be replaced by, ahem, other teams.


  13. Curt Kastens

    You said a threat to justice anywhere is a a threat to justice everywhere. This is true. But I have to question whether or not it is helpful. The reason that I question it is that us normal people do not have access to unbiased information. Every source is putting its own spin on things. Therefore it is very difficult for a normal person to understand what is going on in their own country let alone a country half away around the world. What appears to be injustice somewhere else is a conclusion that is reached by observing through a filtered lens.
    Because of this difficulty is understanding distant events and situations it certainly makes sense to me that one should concentrate on injustice close to home. But it is not really simple because the far away injustices could be many magnitudes worse than those at home. But if a person does not understand the local culture and conditions should that person not question his/her qualifications to make things better there?


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