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China’s Cliffside Plank Path Will Give you Goose Bumps

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south peak cliffside plank path hua shan china (1)
Photograph by Harry Alverson

Hua Shan is a mountain located near the city of Huayin in Shaanxi province, about 120 kilometres (75 mi) east of Xi’an. It is one of China’s Five Great Mountains and has a long history of religious significance. Hua Shan is classified as having five main peaks, of which the highest is the South Peak at 2,154.9 meters (7,070 ft).

It is on South Peak where you will find the famous Cliffside Plank Path. The exhilarating mountain hike is not for the faint of heart. There is a cost of approximately 30 yuan (just under $5 usd) and you are given two straps to hook onto wires on the path. The plank path includes steel rod ladders, footholds carved out of the cliff and narrow wooden plank walks. All of this is located thousands of feet above ground (check out the video at the bottom for…

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As you might have guessed, I am a wise, intelligent individual, and, because of these two facts, I am asked many questions about a variety of subjects on a daily basis. Today, of all days, I feel like answering one: how does one become popular in high school?

Gather ’round, dear readers, for I am about to tell you the secret to high school popularity: CHAIN-MAIL.



Jackson Williams.

These Two Brothers are Recreating Old Family Photos and It’s Hilarious…



Joe Luxton and his brother thought it would be a funny idea to recreate a bunch of old family photos and turn them into a calendar for their Mom for Christmas. They were right and the results are hilarious.

Joe, who’s a designer at design studio Build, has created a tumblr entitled Then/Now to document the results. What makes the recreations so enjoyable is that you can tell the brothers made an effort to not only recreate the poses and facial expressions, but they also tried their best to match the wardrobes and backgrounds. They even got their dad (and dog) in on the act!

Be sure to check out Then/Now for the latest!

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two brothers recreate childhood photos joe luxton (7)



two brothers recreate childhood photos joe luxton (5)

Photograph by The Luxton…

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