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20 Breaking Bad Locations in Real Life



Albuquerque, New Mexico resident and Breaking Bad fan Nancy Bymers (WallDruggie on Flickr), has undertaken an incredible mission to source out the real life locations of scenes from the television series Breaking Bad. If you’re a fan of the show you will undoubtedly recognize all of the locations in the gallery below.

On her Breaking Bad Location Project, Nancy remarks:

“My Breaking Bad scene location project began March 21, 2010 (Season 3 Premiere Day). I realized that I knew where several locations were just because I go around ABQ quite a bit, but when I wanted to photograph every possible location that I could identify, it became a purpose. I used the episodes, the DVD commentary, the FB and AMC website discussion boards info, a Google map published in the ABQ Journal and I asked a couple of local ABQ actors for help. That was fun because I…

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