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We’re All Living in Portlandia

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Once in a while, a popular word will snowball into a state of such broad explanatory use that thoughtful people must either whittle it down to a more definite size or call for its utter dissolution.  This is the present state of hipster, a term wielded with equal frequency as a fashion, a movement, a demographic, and even an insult.

In 2008, Adbusters ran an article with a title that is, to date, still the only title to successfully convince me to read Adbusters.  It was called “Hipster: The Dead End of Western Civilization.”  This article came at just the right time with just the right dose of acid to make it one of the most important pieces of social journalism of our time.  In it Douglas Haddow defined “hipsterdom” as an ugly and regrettable mutation of Western counterculture.  Its chameleonic quality–wearing the symbols of  countercultural…

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Seventy Years Later: The Zoot Suit Riots & the Complexity of Youth Culture

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zootsuitriots-thumb-630x470-52167 Top: Zoot suit riot erupts in front of the Hippodrome Theater on Main Street, Downtown Los Angeles, 1943

[Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared under the Intersections column at KCET Departures, May 30, 2013.]

In the film “American Me,” Pedro Santana, fresh from having his devotion to wife Esperanza tattooed on his arm, prepares for a night on the town. His wife, accompanied by another couple, wades through Los Angeles streets on their way to meet Pedro, as a soundtrack of sensationalized news reports of zoot-suited thugs, dangerous riots, and retributions delivered by U.S. servicemen blare in the background. His friends exhibit a clear wariness regarding the evening’s disruptive personality, but Pedro appears unconcerned, more focused on “walking the boulevard with his woman.” Just then several sailors burst into the shop, accosting them violently with wild cries of “pachucos.”

The scene descends into a disturbing violence…

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Every Prince Hairstyle from 1978 – 2013

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In a musical career that has spanned 36 years over 5 decades, Prince (10 platinum albums, thirty Top 40 singles) is known for constantly reinventing his style. In a glorious chart by artist Gary Card, we see Prince’s evolving hairstyle from 1978 – 2013. The artwork was completed for music magazine The Beat.

[via Slate]

A Chronological Record of
Prince’s hairstyles from 1978 – 2013


Artwork by GARY CARD
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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Artwork by GARY CARD
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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