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China’s Cliffside Plank Path Will Give you Goose Bumps

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south peak cliffside plank path hua shan china (1)

Photograph by Harry Alverson

Hua Shan is a mountain located near the city of Huayin in Shaanxi province, about 120 kilometres (75 mi) east of Xi’an. It is one of China’s Five Great Mountains and has a long history of religious significance. Hua Shan is classified as having five main peaks, of which the highest is the South Peak at 2,154.9 meters (7,070 ft).

It is on South Peak where you will find the famous Cliffside Plank Path. The exhilarating mountain hike is not for the faint of heart. There is a cost of approximately 30 yuan (just under $5 usd) and you are given two straps to hook onto wires on the path. The plank path includes steel rod ladders, footholds carved out of the cliff and narrow wooden plank walks. All of this is located thousands of feet above ground (check out the video at the bottom for…

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These Two Brothers are Recreating Old Family Photos and It’s Hilarious…



Joe Luxton and his brother thought it would be a funny idea to recreate a bunch of old family photos and turn them into a calendar for their Mom for Christmas. They were right and the results are hilarious.

Joe, who’s a designer at design studio Build, has created a tumblr entitled Then/Now to document the results. What makes the recreations so enjoyable is that you can tell the brothers made an effort to not only recreate the poses and facial expressions, but they also tried their best to match the wardrobes and backgrounds. They even got their dad (and dog) in on the act!

Be sure to check out Then/Now for the latest!

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two brothers recreate childhood photos joe luxton (8)



two brothers recreate childhood photos joe luxton (7)



two brothers recreate childhood photos joe luxton (5)

Photograph by The Luxton…

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The Crazy Duo that Scaled the World’s 2nd Tallest Building also Took some Amazing Photos


Vadim Makhorov and Vitaliy Raskalov have gained a lot of notoriety with the video above this week (posted yesterday on the Sifter).

The video, released on Wednesday February 12, 2014, has already been viewed over 8 million times. It shows the duo (who together are OnTheRoofs), climbing the still under-construction Shanghai Tower. Upon its completion in 2014, it will stand approximately 632 metres (2,073 ft) high and will have 121 storeys. Following its topping out on 3 August 2013, it became the tallest building in China and the second-tallest in the world, surpassed only by the Burj Khalifa in the United Arab Emirates.

Raskalov says the pair started their ascent on January 31st, which not coincidentally was the first day of China’s Lunar New Year, a major holiday in China. It took them about two hours to get to the 120th floor by foot and then…

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Illuminating the World With National Geographic



The Sifter’s friends at National Geographic were kind enough to share a few images from a recent gallery entitled Illuminating the World. The 33-image gallery was compiled from National Geographic’s online photo community Your Shot. The photos span the entire globe even including a few holiday-themed shots.

Be sure to check out the entire gallery on National Geographic. To learn more about National Geographic’s photo community, visit Your Shot.


1. Yi Peng Festival, Thailand


Photograph by Justin Ng, Your Shot


Monks looked up at the magnificent night sky filled with thousands of lanterns in awe. This was the moment I’ve been waiting for and it lasted very quickly due to strong wind. A very heavy downpour occurred right after we left the place.


2. Manarola, Italy


Photograph by Paul Hogie, Your Shot


I camped on this spot for some…

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Girlfriend Continues to Lead Photographer Around the World



Like so many creative projects, Follow me / #followmeto began rather serendipitously. Photographer Murad Osmann and his partner Nataly Zakharova are passionate travellers but Nataly was growing frustrated with Murad always being preoccupied with his camera wherever they went. She literally resorted to dragging him by hand from place to place to keep them moving.

It was that perspective of Murad being led by Nataly that inspired the ongoing photo series that has exploded in popularity on Instagram, Facebook and Google+.

We first featured the wanderlust couple back in March. Since then the two have continued to visit amazing places around the globe, inspiring travellers and photographers to capture the world around us in a fresh and creative way.


1. Moscow, Russia

follow me to project instagram murad osmann (11)


2. Eze, France

follow me to project instagram murad osmann (7)

Photograph by Murad Osmann
@muradosmann on…

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Terrifyingly Beautiful Photos of Incoming Storm Clouds



The sight of an incoming storm can be both beautiful and ominous. Below you will find a stunning collection of landscape and cityscape photos that demonstrate the awesome power of nature. Clicking any image will take you to the original source.

If any particular photo catches your eye, be sure to check out more from each respective photographer as their portfolios are truly a pleasure to browse through.

Now get your umbrellas out!


1. En route to Denver, Colorado, USA


Photograph by HALEY LUNA
Tumblr | Website | Flickr | Instagram | Facebook | Google+ | Twitter


2. Near Booker, Texas, USA

The Booker Supercell

Photograph by MIKE OLBINSKI
Website | Flickr | Facebook | Twitter | Prints available


3. Timisora, Romania


Photograph by ERVIN BOER


4. Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA


Photograph by ROLF MAEDER
Website | Blog | Twitter | Prints available


5. Daytona Beach, Florida…

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Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling as Image Macros



Back in 2011, then Pixar storyboard artist Emma Coats (now freelancing) tweeted 22 rules of storytelling, according to Pixar. Coats learned the ‘guidelines’ from senior colleagues on how to create appealing stories, tweeting the nuggets of wisdom over a 6 week period.

Last week, artist and User Experience Director at Visceral Games (a subsidiary of Electronic Arts), Dino Ignacio, created a series of image macros of the 22 rules and posted them to Imgur and Reddit.

Below you will find the list of image macros along with a text summary of Pixar’s 22 rules of storytelling at the end of the post. Enjoy!

[Sources: Emma Coats, Dino Ignacio, The Pixar Touch]



pixar's 22 rules of storytelling as image macros (2)

Written by Emma Coats | @lawnrocket
Image Macro by Dino Ignacio | @DinoIgnacio



pixar's 22 rules of storytelling as image macros (3)

Written by Emma Coats | @lawnrocket
Image Macro by Dino Ignacio | @DinoIgnacio



pixar's 22 rules of storytelling as image macros (4)


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What If There Was Instagram Throughout History?



Histagrams is the brainchild of Gusto NYC and Gavin Alaoen, two New York City based artists currently working for MTV Networks.

In a single topic tumblr named Histagrams, the duo imagine an alternate reality where Instagram is available throughout history. While not always historically accurate (e.g., Laocoön actually wanted to set fire to the horse and the moon photo was not from the Apollo 11 mission), the spirit of Instagram is instantly recognizable. They do well to mimic the type of photos shared as well as the hashtags and language used on the popular social network.

Hopefully the site continues to grow and they explore using actual Instagram filters to the images they select. For much more, visit Histagrams.com

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instagrams of historic events histagrams (3)




instagrams of historic events histagrams (15)




instagrams of historic events histagrams (13)




instagrams of historic events histagrams (7)




instagrams of historic events histagrams (17)


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