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The Vastness of Space, Miniaturized




Trying to comprehend the expanse of space is a daunting task. Just reading about the distance between Earth and the nearest star/planet/galaxy is enough to boggle most minds. So the thought of miniaturizing something so expansive as the Cosmos is both fascinating and counter-intuitive.

Last month reddit user TheScienceLlama used the Tilt-Shift filter in Photoshop to create a stunning series of space images. While many associate the technique with tilt-shift photography, it’s more accurate to describe this particular Photoshop process as miniature faking or the diorama effect.



An example of ‘digital miniaturization’ by Greg Keene


The effect is achieved by blurring parts of the photo to simulate a shallow depth of field. You can read more about the technique here and here.

If you enjoy the series below, be sure to check out the desktop wallpapers that reddit user Wattsit made using the same…

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The Most Amazing Sand Sculptures You Will See Today




Carl Jara aka Grain Damaged is an award-winning, professional sand sculptor from Cleveland, Ohio. Jara says he has known since high-school that he wanted to be an artist. After studying Illustration and Graphic Design at the Myers School of Art, Jara realized he did not want to become an illustrator or graphic designer and that his true passion was sculpting.

Over nine world championships later and it’s clear Jara was right to pursue his desire to sculpt. In addition, Carl is also an Exhibits Artisan/Technician at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History where he helped install Sue, the largest T-Rex ever found.

To see more of Carl’s incredible sand sculptures, be sure to check out his Flickr page as he documents not only his own award-winning work, but also the other amazing entries at the world-class competitions he attends every year.


CARL JARA (Grain Damaged)
Website |

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from egghill

The definition of the word “Yosemite” should be: ‘wonder, awe and amazement’. Picture yourself in Yosemite Valley, feet widespread, hands reaching to the sky as you view El Capitan: a huge granite mountain rising straight up from the valley floor – could the word be a universal word of praise for the unparalleled beauty rising upward 3,600′ right in front of you? Yosemiteeee! So huge, that picking out the 10-12 climbers we eventually counted was impossible with the naked eye. But no, the word is the name of the Native Americans that lived in what is now Yosemite Valley.



My friends Laurie and Kevin joined me for a four-day exploration of Yosemite National Park. Route 120 had reopened from the Rim Fire the day before I visited the park, allowing me entry from the East side of the park. My friends came from the West side and we met in…

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