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Where No Google Buses Go

Pueblo Lands

For every word written about the gentrification and displacement that is tearing San Francisco apart, there should be ten words written about the the poverty, environmental racism, and financial predation battering the smaller industrial cities of Contra Costa and Alameda counties. In suburban hinterlands north and east of Silicon Valley and San Francisco are the bankrupted municipalities of the Sacramento Delta and Carquinez Straight. We’re talking Stockton and Vallejo. Even closer are other cities devastated by the economic crisis, places like San Pablo, or Richmond from where you can see the rising skyline of San Francisco across the Bay, growing with towers of luxury apartments as it is.

Black and Latino residents have already been pushed to the fringes of San Francisco, both geographically and in the employment ranks of the new tech-centric economy. Fleets of Silicon Valley company buses that clog San Francisco’s streets picking up and dropping off…

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Beat Generation Rollover of 1965

Crows Dream

Caffee Trieste BackIt’s one of the lesser cosmic mysteries but still an interesting one. When did the San Francisco Beat Generation disappear?

Beat G was going strong in 1963. That was self-evident. By 1967, the hippie counterculture movement was everywhere in the City and the Beats were gone.

So, when did this rollover really happen?

It wasn’t a light-switch deal. But it also wasn’t a slow morphing. The change was farily swift by usual social standards, and the Beats were forever scattered, absorbed, whatever. Many of us geezers who are still around like to think of 1965 as the year the world changed.

In fact, we can even pinpoint the month and the day. It was Friday, December 3, 1965. The event was Bob Dylan’s San Francisco press conference at the KQED studio just prior to his five concert tour of the Bay Area.

Well, maybe this is a bit too precise…

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Jello San Francisco!


Stephen Kelly Creative


I’ve seen San Francisco in many forms, up and down, good and bad. I’ve seen in portrayed in photos, essays, TV and the movies, which means I’ve seen it attacked by a deranged terrorist (The Rock), overrun with apes (Rise Of The Planet of The Apes), invaded by body snatchers and a giant sea octopus (It Came From Beneath The Sea). I’ve seen all of this and more, but I’ve never seen it made of Jello!

Liz Hickock is a San Francisco-based artist who creates entire miniature city landscapes from this classic dessert which she then lights from underneath to produce this weird but interesting luminous effect. According to the artist, “I drew the inspiration for this project from my immediate surroundings — San Francisco, where the geological uncertainties of the landscape evoke uncanny parallels with the gelatinous material.” Since Jello doesn’t last long…

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Where the Muni Buses Sleep at Night


Snotting black

Muni busses at nightMuni buses are the red blood cells of San Francisco, which makes the people the oxygen. The Mission is probably the city’s belly, and Oakland is its liver.

To most people, the buses are ordinary vehicles of public transit, purely utilitarian pieces of equipment with no other purpose besides shifting around the city’s biomass.

But I like to believe the Muni buses have a life of their own, that they think their own thoughts and maybe have crushes on the other bus lines (the 38L is pretty cute), that they have worries and fears and hopes and dreams and that maybe when they grow up, they want to be something like astronauts or ballerinas or social workers and preschool teachers.

They spend all day giving up their bodies to the abuse of a city with many hills, wierdos, fruits, and lots and lots of kale. They ferry the humans and their…

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