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Birdman (2014)

The Stake


“A poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage…”

These words from Shakespeare’s Macbeth appear about halfway through Alejandro González Iñárritu’s Birdman, screamed by a crazy person on the streets of New York while the film’s antihero is at his lowest point. Michael Keaton, playing a washed-up Hollywood actor trying to restart his career with a staging of Raymond Carver’s “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love,” struts and frets at every hour of his play’s opening weekend. The film itself, meanwhile, is “full of sound and fury,” and although with Iñarritu at the helm Birdman is hardly a “tale told by an idiot,” the question of what exactly it signifies is still open. Something more than nothing, certainly, even if I’m not yet sure what that something is.

But let me back up. Birdman tells the story of an actor named Riggan Thompson, who made millions playing a Batman-like…

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Top Ten Spider-Man Battles (Part II)

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Longbox Graveyard

Longbox Graveyard #95

(Last month, Mark Ginocchio of Chasing Amazing began his survey of Spider-Man’s top battles by spotlighting confrontations with Mysterio, Thanos, and more. This month, Mark counts down the final five entries on his Top Ten List! And now … heeeeere’s Mark!)

We’ve now reached the second half of my top 10 favorite Spider-Man battles of all-time. The first half of this list consists primarily of Silver and Bronze Age altercations that are right in Longbox Graveyard’s wheelhouse. Well, the second of these lists will definitely contain some old-time classics. But, I’m also about to push some of you out of your comfort zone and introduce some scenes from comics that – gasp – occurred over the last 20 years during the much reviled “Copper” or “Chromium” Age.


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5. Spider-Man vs

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Top Ten Spider-Man Battles (Part I)

Spider-Man vs. Thanos

Longbox Graveyard

Longbox Graveyard #92

(EDITOR’S NOTE: It’s never too late for a first! Longbox Graveyard may be ninety-two issues old but this week sees our very first guest column. Mark Ginocchio is author of the Chasing Amazing blog, where he recounts his quest to own every issue of Amazing Spider-Man and — most importantly — reflects on what each of those issues has meant to him throughout his life. Chasing Amazing is a unique and heartfelt blog and bound to be of interest to readers of Longbox Graveyardcheck it out! Fan as I am of his work, it didn’t take me long to jump on Mark’s offer to provide guest content for Longbox Graveyard. In this week’s article, Mark begins his countdown of his Top Ten Spider-Man battles! Take it away, Mark!)

Chasing Amazing

Spider-Man (a somewhat neglected superhero here at the Longbox Graveyard) has…

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Man of Steel (2013)

Dork Forty!

Man of Steel

by Christopher Nolan, David Goyer, Zack Snyder, and a bunch of other Hollywood people

Man of Steel Poster

So I went to see the new Superman movie this weekend. Really enjoyed it. It’s not a perfect film, by far. It’s written in full epic movie style, with all the overblown melodrama that implies. But I like its approach to the super hero genre. It has a contemplative tone and hard-hitting action, and it treats Superman’s very familiar power set as an object of awe and wonder. It’s a lot of fun.

So imagine my surprise when I got back from the theater and checked the reactions on-line. The general fanboy consensus seems to be that the film is dark and joyless, and a terrible creative misstep that doesn’t “get” Superman. The “joyless” label is lifted from a comment made by comics writer Mark Waid, whose Birthright series influenced the Man of Steel script. Waid’s…

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