Heidegger in Silicon Valley: Technology & the Hacker Way

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Racing-with-machines‘Software is eating the world!’ US tech luminary Marc Andreessen declared in 2009, on the eve of launching his venture capital firm, Andreessen-Horowitz. This extraordinary claim has become the mantra of Silicon Valley startup entrepreneurs, codifying a new philosophy of tech entrepreneurialism and kickstarting a bold new era of ‘creative destruction’. Decoded it means: software engineers are world-builders – so look out! Bored with building apps, games, and websites, the latest generation of tech entrepreneurs are creating social operating systems for the societies and economies of the future. Take the sharing economy startup Airbnb, for example (recipent of $112 million in funding from Andreessen-Horowitz in 2011). Andreessen claims:

Airbnb  makes its money in real estate. But … Airbnb … has much more in common with Facebook or Google or Microsoft or Oracle than with any real estate company. … Airbnb is building a software technology that is equivalent in complexity, power, and importance to an operating…

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‘Boardwalk Empire’ (The Series Finale): “Eldorado”

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For a show that’s so tied to The Sopranos—in a way, Boardwalk Empire is both that show’s successor and predecessor—Boardwalk couldn’t have ended more differently. Where The Sopranos was maddening in its ambiguity, Boardwalk comes to a definitive conclusion; where The Sopranos threw the idea of dramatic exits, or thematic unity, or even karma in its audience’s face, Boardwalk Empire embraces them all. “Eldorado” is an episode dedicated to tying up loose ends, with last week’s ending montage serving as a mission statement. And it does an incredible job, wrapping up eight episodes of looking back at Nucky’s past while pivoting towards a look forward at the future of what Nucky’s left behind.

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Last Week Was a No-Good, Very Bad Week for Misogyny in the Music Industry

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Six months ago, Future was on the top of the world: a son on the way with fiancée Ciara, sophomore album Honest garnering critical praise, and a new song with Kanye in which he brags about both. “I Won (Trophy)” positioned Ciara and Mrs. West herself, Kim Kardashian, as trophy wives to be shown off for their physical assets, rather than their numerous professional or personal accomplishments. It was gross, though the fuckboys I saw praising it on Twitter didn’t seem to think so. Flash forward to last week, when Future emerged with an even grosser ode to female anatomy, “Pussy Overrated.”

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The Awkward Ménage à Trois of Men, Women, and Music

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There he is — across the crowded dance floor, two rows down from you in a college lecture, cracking open a beer at someone’s house party: a cute guy wearing the T-shirt of your favorite band. It’s not love at first sight, probably, but it’s infatuation or at least curiosity. You’ll use that thing you have in common to start a conversation, one of you will mention that you were considering checking out a certain show Friday night, you’ll start following each other on Spotify, and sometime after that you’ll be deep into a relationship whose foundation is music.

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When Words Fail Him, this Artist Expresses Himself through Surreal Self-Portraiture

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At the age of 18, New York City native Ben Zank discovered a Pentax ME Super in his grandmother’s attic and he’s been photographing ever since. That was four years ago, and the artist’s work continues to blossom as he prepares for a solo exhibition entitled We Are Dust in Times Square on 27 March 2014 (more details to come).

Ben’s surreal self-portraits aim to stretch the viewer’s imagination and express his feelings ‘when words fail‘. You can keep up with the ongoing When Words Fail series on his Website, Tumblr, Flickr and Facebook page.

If you want to learn more about the photographer, where he draws inspiration from, and what his process is like; you can find a revealing interview on Phlearn and a brief chat on TwentyBliss. If you’re interested in prints, they can be purchased directly from Ben’s website.


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