Girlfriend Continues to Lead Photographer Around the World



Like so many creative projects, Follow me / #followmeto began rather serendipitously. Photographer Murad Osmann and his partner Nataly Zakharova are passionate travellers but Nataly was growing frustrated with Murad always being preoccupied with his camera wherever they went. She literally resorted to dragging him by hand from place to place to keep them moving.

It was that perspective of Murad being led by Nataly that inspired the ongoing photo series that has exploded in popularity on Instagram, Facebook and Google+.

We first featured the wanderlust couple back in March. Since then the two have continued to visit amazing places around the globe, inspiring travellers and photographers to capture the world around us in a fresh and creative way.


1. Moscow, Russia

follow me to project instagram murad osmann (11)


2. Eze, France

follow me to project instagram murad osmann (7)

Photograph by Murad Osmann
@muradosmann on…

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